We Offer the Following Types of Surveys:

BOUNDARY LINE SURVEY is one which we locate and mark to verify your property corners. We can also set extra survey points on your property lines if you which.

ARCHITECTURAL and TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEYS for your Architect or Designer or Contractor can produce building plans for the City or County to give you a permit to build that addition or new house.

ALTA SURVEYS provide the Title Company with the information to give you Extended Coverage and provides the Eastern US Lender the kind of map that his is accustomed to seeing.

ENCROACHMENT SURVEYS are those which we will locate a structure or fence that you may think is encroaching onto your property or onto a neighbor's property. WE can put survey points on or near your property line at or near the encroachment.

RECORD OF SURVEYS - If your property line are metes and bounds or if your property lines show up on the County's "Assessor Map" as dashed lines or they do not sow up on a recorded map, we are required by the State of California, that when we establish such a line we have to file a "Record of Survey" with the County Surveyor within 90 days of the survey.

SLOPE BAND ANALYSIS MAPS (SBA Map) are required by the Baseline Hillside Ordinance (BHO), Ordinance No. 181624. We Provide these maps and the "Joint Referral Form" when you want to build a new house or make an addition to your house when your property is in the Hillside Area as defined in Section 12.03 of the Ordinance. We refer to these maps as "SBA Maps".

PREVAILING SETBACK SURVEYS - If you are required to provide the City of Los Angeles with the Prevailing Setbacks on your side of your street, we take the measurements necessary for your Architect or Designer to make the necessary calculations to provide the City with the Prevailing Setback for your new house or addition.